Whether you’re at the helm of a home health business or building a house, if you make key decisions based on a “best guess,” you are doomed to miss the mark. Measurement enables precision in execution. Without it, you are lost in the dark, at the mercy of chance. That’s not where you want your home health business to be.

Just as no tool-belt is complete without a measuring stick, your organization cannot be truly successful without implementing its own metrics for measurement as well, but what should those metrics look like?

3 Essential Elements of Successful Measurement

There are three characteristics you should demand of your measurement model for it to truly benefit your home health business.

Your measuring stick must be:

  1. Accurate
  2. Automated
  3. Thorough

In this day and age, manual methods of measurement must go. There is too much room for human error. Automation is also an invaluable timesaver. To effectively track and improve the satisfaction rates of your patients, you need the measurement features included with AHT’s Total Triage, powered by Total Triage.

The Total Triage Advantage

In addition to recording 100% of inbound and outbound calls with seamless integration with existing EMR systems, the Total Triage app provides targeted, actionable data delivered via intuitive charts and graphs that can be pulled at any time.

This data will allow you to:

  • make informed staffing decisions,
  • improve inventory management,
  • fine-tune training procedures, and more.

Total Triage reports include:

  • General Triage Report—all patient/caregiver interactions
  • Nursing Report—individual patient/caregiver interactions
  • Call Coding Report—reason for call
  • Tracking of call/email volumes
  • Tracking of individual staff performance
  • Quarterly analysis
    • trends
    • office census comparisons
    • average speed to answer
    • abandon rates
    • call reason codes
    • interaction quality scores

Imagine your home health business armed with the data you need to target areas for improvement and take action. Total Triage with Total Triage is the ultimate measuring stick to help you take your patients’ satisfaction to new heights. Contact us today and get started.