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Patient Experience Challenges

We know every home health and hospice organization is different. Let our triage consulting team assist in the development in a custom patient experience.

We offer customized solutions that help you improve care, increase efficiency, reduce turnover, and optimize operations.

How we tailor your telephone triage system to your needs:

Program Design and Implementation

We review your current model, talk to you about the challenges you face, and help you determine the strategies that are best suited for your organization’s needs. Then we suggest the options, levels of support, and implementation methods that will help you meet your goals.

Staff Support and Training

Part of a successful implementation is training. We make sure your telephone triage system offers the functionality your nursing staff needs to follow protocols and provide quality care while also avoiding burnout. Your whole staff will be able to use the program with ease so they can focus on increasing response time, not hassling with any confusing technology.

Risk Management

Our consulting team helps you optimize your risk management by offering solutions that comply with telehealth nursing standards, as well as home health and hospice best practices. We also identify existing protocols in your organization that may be putting you at risk or causing undue strain on your staff, then partner with you to implement alternative processes.