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Total Triage

The patient experience people

Total Triage is a leader in compassionate, world-class after-hours telephone triage for home health and hospice organizations, their patients, and caregivers.

Healthcare needs are not confined to a 9-5 schedule. Total Triage gives your patients and caregivers around-the-clock support by instantly connecting them to nurses with record speed to answer accuracy. 

Total Triage helps patients, nurses, and your organization as a whole.

  • Improve quality of care by providing patients and caregivers with peace of mind, faster response times, and instant access to a qualified nursing staff.
  • Reduce staff burnout and turnover by reducing strain and workload.
  • Cut costs by reducing the need for additional full-time staff.
  • Improve staff performance by using call recordings and key metrics to identify training opportunities.
  • Streamline operations by using an affordable, simplified technology solution.

After-Hours Coverage

  • Our team of carefully screened and trained nurses answer patient and caregiver calls within seconds, assess callers’ needs, set realistic expectations, and contact on-call nurses according to client escalation protocols.
  • Client visit nurses utilize the UberNurse app to stay connected to Total Triage nurses. 
  • Calls are recorded for quality and training purposes.
  • Recordings may be referenced by attending nurses and case managers.

Backup Support

  • Get support during periods of high call volume, staff meetings, or other events that put a strain on staff resources.
  • Additional resources help maintain quality care during natural disasters, facility downtimes, and unplanned staffing changes.
  • Home health and hospice visit nurses utilize UberNurse to easily reference additional available resources.
  • Key performance indicators help streamline operations, improve protocols, and provide better care.