24/7 Triage

Total Triage and Total.CARE combine to bring you Total Triage, a program that offers you 24/7 support, a mobile solution that connects patients and caregivers to nurses.

The nursing industry has dozens of specializations – home health and hospice telephone triage is ours.

We provide three primary benefits for our clients:

Reduced Staff Burnout and Turnover

Working long hours in high-stress situations results in burnout, low job satisfaction, and compassion fatigue for home health and hospice nurses. These factors can fuel high staff turnover and cost a hospice service provider thousands each year. Support from Total Triage reduces staff burnout and turnover by:

  • Triaging caregiver calls over the phone, gathering necessary information, setting realistic expectations, and contacting on-call nurses when necessary.
  • Alleviating demands on on-call nurses for a better work experience and improved work-life balance.
  • Reducing the number of home visits by resolving most non-emergent calls without contacting on-call nursing staff.
  • Providing much needed support during periods of high call volume, allowing staff resources to be allocated where they are most needed.

Increased Peace of Mind

Patients’ needs are the foremost concern of home health and hospice staff and nurses, but it can be difficult to balance staffing needs, budget, and services. Total Triage provides confidence in providing the best telephone triage care:

  • Extending clients’ services with caring, competent over-the-phone care without overextending home health and hospice staff.
  • Leveraging a team of carefully screened nurses based on high personal and professional standards.
  • Providing an alternative to traditional answering services that do not quickly or efficiently meet the needs of caregivers or patients.
  • Answering and assisting caregivers within seconds of their call.

Improved Efficiency and Cost Reduction

Staffing for telephone triage care can be costly and unpredictable. Census numbers are not static and unexpected demands can lead to inflated staffing costs. Total Triage delivers powerful solutions that improve efficiency without unnecessary costs:

  • Delivering affordable telephone triage while reducing the need for additional full-time staff.
  • Eliminating redundancies associated with traditional answering services.
  • Providing services that can be scaled based on changing demands caused by the fluctuation of census numbers.
  • Assisting in times of natural disaster, facility downtimes, and staffing changes.

Total Triage will tailor a custom contact center service plan to meet your specific needs — we understand there is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

We will include the services you need to support your staff and provide the best care for your patients:

  • Daytime coverage for meetings
  • Daily tuck-in/status check calls
  • Safety calls
  • Admission tuck-in calls
  • Pain assessment calls
  • Follow-up calls
  • Comprehensive call reports
  • Individualized nursing notes
  • Emergency back-up services
  • HIPAA Compliant

No matter your needs, Total Triage will find a way to provide you with a custom plan to provide exemplary care and maintain your competitive edge.

Referral Management

The lifeblood of home health and hospice services is referrals. Effectively receiving and accepting referrals makes a dramatic impact to the bottom line and longevity of a healthcare business. As a partner, Total Triage is able to accept patient referrals by phone — no matter what time the call comes in. Our nurses are able to act as a client’s employee and accept referrals over-the-phone and contact administrators to finalize the referral during business hours.

Our Patient-care Documentation Portal (PDP) is a distinguishing factor of our service. Our system was created to provide the best in detailed, comprehensive reporting for our clients. Reporting provides transparency, oversight, and easy review of all interactions with Total Triage nurses.

  • Personalized reports that are easy to retrieve anytime
  • Real time documentation—often more thorough than clinical notes
  • Digital recording of all calls
  • Detailed client and patient modules

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