In the home health and hospice industry, our services are incomplete without a compassionate human touch. But the human touch can also lead to human error: 1) inefficient protocols, 2) nurse fatigue and turnover, and 3) inaccessible over-the-phone support.

These three major headaches are best addressed with one easy-to-use piece of technology: Total Triage, a revolutionary mobile application designed to maximize the best of our humanity while minimizing our most fallible tendencies. So what does it do?

Total Triage: Compassionate Tech

As a mobile application, Total Triage acts as a tireless personal assistant for each member of your home health care and hospice team. Once installed on their mobile devices, Total Triage will:

  • Display field-nurse availability in real-time
  • Route and record in- and out-bound calls with patients and caregivers
  • Share proximity between users and patients
  • Generate actionable reports for future growth and development
  • Bypass non-clinical answering services
  • And so much more…

Total Triage empowers your team with the tools they need to perform at their best, streamlining communication, mitigating compassion fatigue, and ironing out the kinks in traditional over-the-phone support. And the best news? It’s available now! Transform your current triage solution today.

Total Triage and AfterHours Triage: How Does it Work?

In partnership with Total Triage developer Total.CARE, AfterHours Triage has expanded its after-hours services to include Total Triage, a cutting edge 24/7 triage solution powered by the Total Triage app.

Now you can connect your home health and hospice patients and caregivers to qualified nurses at any time of day while drastically improving your standard of operations in three key areas: cost management, compassion fatigue mitigation, and quality control.

“The first thing I noticed on Friday morning with the office closed, was that I logged on to Total Triage and saw all available colleagues to help that day and how far away they were from me or each other. I actually got a tear in my eye that morning knowing our team was ready to roll with whatever came our way that day. It was reassuring to know that I had real time information on patient calls, their locations and the Compassus Colleagues available to make visits during that entire time period.”

Debra Brackey, RN, Executive Director of Hospice Compassus, on the advantage of Total Triage during wildfire emergency and evacuation in Lakeside, Arizona.

Cost Management

Increased efficiency means increased savings! Total Triage with Total Triage lets you:

  • Reduce the need for additional staff by maximizing those you have
  • Cut down on patient readmissions and 911 calls by providing access to registered nurses
  • Eliminate redundancies of traditional after-hours answering services with seamless routing, recording, and reporting
  • Identify target areas for improvement by tracking primary call reasons and call volume
  • Track available nurses’ proximities with each other and patients
  • Reduce the high costs of staff turnover

Compassion Fatigue

Compassion fatigue, burnout, and overall poor job satisfaction are three contributors to costly staff turnover. Total Triage with Total Triage addresses all three by:

  • Alleviating and mitigating demand on on-call nurses
  • Vetting calls prior to transferring to on-call nurses
  • Resolving non-emergent calls over the phone
  • Allowing optimal allocation of staff without overtaxing individual nurses

Quality Control

The surest way to jeopardize the safety and satisfaction of your home health patients is to route them to nonclinical support in a moment of need. Total Triage with Total Triage lets your patients and caregivers:

  • Bypass non-clinical answering services and voicemail
  • Talk to qualified, carefully screened RNs around-the-clock
  • Receive immediate clinical support within seconds of their call