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 "Whether we called during regular business hours, after hours, or on weekends, our call was immediately answered by someone who could understand our concerns, give us instruction right over the phone, and arrange for hands-on care if Dad needed it."

Ruth - Caregiver
 "I was pleased with how often they knew who we were when we called and what they knew about Mom’s status. This clinical after hours call-in service made all the difference to us while we worked together during our family’s difficult time."

Jocelyn - Caregiver
 "ubeRNurse is a mobile application designed to streamline communication and scheduling and our nurses can’t imagine going back to life without it. Adopting new technology can be tricky, but despite the initial hesitation, within just two weeks everything changed. The results were better than any of us anticipated. Essentially, ubeRNurse provides a more efficient way for our nurses to connect with each other and their patients. With ubeRNurse specifically, we’ve been able to cut spending on supplementary (after hours) phone support by 60%"

Paula - Clinical Executive