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Become a Hospice Content Partner

stackcontentProvide Your Membership with Valuable Hospice Content

At AfterHours Nursing Triage, we know you are committed to providing world-class educational materials to members of the hospice, home-health, and palliative care communities. Although you are an authority in your field,  it can be difficult to develop and distribute digital content on a consistent basis.

As a regional, state, or national association, you now have access to  compelling co-branded content for your membership through a content partnership with AfterHours Nursing Triage.

Why Partner with AfterHours Nursing Triage for Content? 

Consistent, quality content is the key to building and strengthening relationships in your industry. It is just as important to position yourself as a thought-leader in the field. Read why content is so important in this recent Forbes article. 

Content will include your logo, brand, and other distinguishing information to show that you are a co-publisher of the content. After the initial distribution, you and your members are free to share and forward assets to others who may be interested in becoming a member of your organization. This includes social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

What Kind of Content Can I Expect? 

You will have access to professionally written and extensively researched material that provides valuable insights for hospice, home-health, and palliative care professionals.

Digital content offerings includes:

What Topics Will Be Included? 

The topics of our co-branded content are carefully selected to address the industry trends, news, best practices, and events most important to hospice and palliative care professionals. » View Current Editorial Calendar

If you have an idea for compelling content specific to your membership, we can help you produce turn it into a polished piece.

What is the Cost for the Service? 

There is currently no cost associated with our co-branded content partnerships. We provide you with quality content in exchange for placing our own branding on the content.

How Do We Get Started? 

Contact us today to learn how a content partnership with AfterHours Nursing Triage will benefit your organization and members.

Fill out the form to the right or call us at 888.260.8460 for more information about content partnership opportunities in your area.


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