Concerned CaregiverFor many hospice and home care providers, trying to grow while supporting the cost of growth is an ongoing balancing act. For our hospice and homecare company in California, the struggle of handling afterhours calls for over 100 patients reached a tipping point in 2014. We were in need of a proven solution that would provide superior service to our patients and sustain the continued rapid expansion of our organization.
The perfect after-hours answering service would…

  1. Connect our patients to excellent clinical support and customer service
  2. Be easy to implement
  3. Increase our overall cost-efficiency

Hospice Meets Total Triage with Total Triage
Total Triage, with their Total Triage app, met all three of our requirements. Where nonclinical answering services can create high-stress delays in receiving care, Total Triage nurses provided our patients with immediate first-rate after-hours clinical assistance, and resolved most non-emergent issues over the phone. The result was peace of mind for both our patients and our nurses, and implementation was a breeze.

Total Triage’s services were easily assimilated into our infrastructure and day-to-day operations. Finally, we could feel confident that our patients were in good hands outside of normal business hours. However, the benefits didn’t stop there.

Total Triage App on a phoneThe Total Triage App
Total Triage is a mobile application designed to streamline communication and scheduling. Our nurses can’t imagine going back to life without it. We were hesitant in the beginning. Adopting new technology can be tricky, but despite the initial hesitation, within just two weeks everything changed.

Essentially, Total Triage provides a more efficient way for our nurses to connect with each other and their patients. Its features specifically optimize availability while mitigating burnout. Now, more of our patients can reach their nurses directly and less have to wait in phone queues. Total Triage has allowed us to enhance the most defining aspect of our agency: compassionate and personal relationships between nurse and patient.

Our New Normal
Following the adoption of Total Triage and Total Triage, we grew from 70 employees to more than 200 in three years. With Total Triage specifically, we’ve been able to cut spending on supplementary phone support by 60%. Personally, I’ve also been extremely impressed with the technical group at Total Triage. I learned to expect a resolution to every issue and question in under 24 hours. Now that we have the capacity for continued growth, we look forward to serving the patients of the California Peninsula for many years to come.

-Alex, Chief Administrative Officer