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NHPCO Webinars – Is It Spiritual Suffering?

The importance and meaning a person attaches to their illness or suffering can be much more difficult than, and can exacerbate, the experience of physical symptoms.  Spiritual pain is often missed during diagnosis, which is a detriment to both the patient and the provider. Learning to notice, screen for, and respond to the spiritual source of pain and draw on patients’ and families’ spiritual strengths can assist with coping, adherence, and provide an incredible gift to everyone involved in the patient’s care.

Who should attend

All those in hospice and home care fields would benefit from this event including counselors, nurses, physicians, and other non-physician healthcare professionals.

Topics will include

This webinar will cover issues relating to spiritual pain including:

  • The importance of addressing spiritual/existential pain
  • Appropriate methods for screening for spiritual/existential pain
  • Best practices for intervening when spiritual/existential pain is present

Event location

Online // 2:00 – 3:00 PM Eastern

For more information

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