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Discontinuing Medication Appropriately

This webinar discusses the best approach to deprescribing medications, and includes evidence behind discontinuing medication and how to make recommendations to patients and families. Faculty will discuss the useful tips and strategies that will help you provide the best quality of care while discontinuing the medications that no longer sustain patient life, or provide comfort.

Who should attend

This is best suited to those working with patient medications and prescriptions.

Topics will include

This topic covers the important information needed when determining medication for end of life care, including:

  • Describing stepwise approaches to decide which medications should be discontinued based on life-expectancy and patient’s goals of care
  • Discussing persistent effects of medications including insulin, statins, bisphosphonates
  • Describing how to make recommendations about discontinuing medications that attends to patient and caregiver emotions

Event location

Online // 2:00 to 3:00 pm EST

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