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AAHPM Intensive for CEOs and CMOs

AAHPM and NHPCO have teamed up to bring a new program to CEOs and CMOs in hospice care fields. The “Building an Exceptional Physician/Executive Leadership Team” intensive has been created by national hospice leaders to assist in the development and strengthening of this important relationship. This conference will bring you the tools needed to create next-level leadership. This is part of the AAHPM Summer Institute program.

Who should attend

This intensive is for key physicians and executive leaders in the hospice field.

Topics will include

This intensive conference’s main objectives will be:

  • The importance of the CEO-CMO relationship and its necessity in a highly functioning hospice
  • The necessary changes needed in the hospice field
  • 3 strategies for effective leadership within the current hospice environment
  • Why disruptive innovations and sustaining innovations are important

Event location

Hilton Chicago
720 South Michigan
Chicago, IL 60605

For more info

To learn more about the Intensive for CEOs and CMOs, and how to register, click here.