Case Studies

Our goal is to strengthen and complement organizations that already have a proven track record of success – and empower those who are in need of change.

“My staff is confident knowing there is another layer of support for patients & their families. They can speak with someone who is hospice-trained while our local nurses focus on their current visit or call—the patient is never waiting or left alone.”

Dawn Lambie RN, MSN
Executive Director, Bristol Hospice – Sacramento 

We have partnered with regional hospice leaders to explore better ways to provide quality care to their patient populations, regardless of size. Through a partnership with Total Triage, organizations with several offices are able to provide one centralized telephone triage “office” for caregivers to contact. Large service providers also utilize our services to streamline status checks, follow-up calls, and emergency back-up.

Large companies are not the only ones who benefit from our services. Total Triage has  partnered with start-up hospice and home health care companies from the time of their founding to provide telephone services. As these companies’ patient census numbers increase, we are able to adjust our services to meet their growing needs. Mitigating staffing concerns and unpredictable demand, Total Triage provides invaluable strategic support for newly-founded organizations.

Case Studies Coming Soon